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Backhoe Loaders Backhoe Loaders
The backhoe loader is also known as a loader backhoe or simply a backhoe. This type of engineering vehicle was invented by Joseph Cyril Bamford of the United Kingdom in 1953. »

Compactors Compactors
A compactor is a vehicle used to decrease the size of soil, waste, or other matter through the method of compaction or rolling over. Compactors do not come in one shape and size, but instead are varied to fit the needs of a specific job. »

Excavators Excavators
An excavator is a commonly used engineering vehicle that is often times referred to simply enough as a digger. There are many different types of excavators in use today. »

Forklifts Forklifts
Forklifts often times known by other names including lift truck, stacker truck, trailer loader, sideloader, high/low, or simply “lift”. These vehicles are either electric or engine powered and used mainly to lift and transport materials. »

Motor Grader Motor Grader
A motor grader (also known as a grader, blade, road grader, and maintainer) is a vehicle that uses a long blade to grade a flat surface. In most cases, a motor grader is used to finish flattening a surface after use by a scraper or bulldozer. »

Skid Steer Loaders Skid Steer Loaders
A skid steer loader, also known as a skid loader, is a small engine powered vehicle with a variety of uses. The first skid steer loader was invented in 1957 by Louis and Cyril Keller. »

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