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A compactor is a vehicle used to decrease the size of soil, waste, or other matter through the method of compaction or rolling over. Compactors do not come in one shape and size, but instead are varied to fit the needs of a specific job. Landfill compactors are made of a large bulldozer that is equipped with spiked wheels that are perfect for compaction. Most compactors run on hydraulic power to ensure reliability and top notch performance.

Landfill compactors come in many sizes and weights. They range from 50,000 pound standard class units to 100,000 pound heavy duty machines. Bigger is not always better when it comes to buying and using a compactor. Machine size should be selected based on the average tons per day and delivery rate.

Compactors are commonly used by companies within a variety of commercial industries. While they are most commonly used in landfills, many other industries rely on these vehicles for a number of tasks.

The construction industry also relies heavily on the use of compactors. There are three types of compacting machines that are regularly used in construction. They include: the road roller, the jumping jack, and the plate compactor.

• Road roller compactors are used for compressing rock and other base layer materials that are used beneath foundations made of stone or concrete.

• Jumping jack compactors are usually used to compact backfill in trenches that are dug by gas or water companies to lay supply lines.

• Plate compactors are used to level land.

Jumping jack and plate compactors are not used in the same manner as the others. Compactors that are used to reduce the size of waste in landfills are driven by an experienced operator. When compared to smaller compactors, such as the jumping jack, it is easy to see the difference as they are controlled by an operator, but while he is standing on solid ground behind the machine.

There is a large number of leading compactor manufacturers including: Caterpillar, Marathon Equipment, and Bomag Americas, Inc.

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